Toronto Veg FOOD Fest!

Toronto Veg Fest 2018

Toronto Veg Fest 2018

Presenting a cooking demo last year at the Toronto Veg Food Fest was such an amazing experience for me. Being a lifelong vegetarian, I’ve never been to a festival where everything was vegan and plant based. I remember being asked countless times how I could be healthy without having any meat in my diet, so it’s really nice to see plant based diets being accepted as a healthy way of living. Growing up I always struggled to eat at restaurants, trying to find any vegetarian options …so this festival was truly a DREAM!


The Toronto Vegetarian Association does an amazing job promoting green eating and living. I never imagined that many vegan options existed! Yes, I sure enjoyed eating my way through the festival after my presentation… Vegan churros to cashew based cream cheese, and of course my favourite, the dumplings!!

The Toronto Vegetarian Association continues to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, and more compassionate lifestyle through plant based eating. I think it is a great time to explore plant-based eating. More and more people these days are interested in what they are eating and putting in their bodies and are willing to explore options that don’t involve meat. I was pleasantly surprised to know about some fast food restaurants that offer plant based burgers as part of their standard menus now…Tim Hortons, A&W, and even Burger King. I think that alone demonstrates the demand for vegetarian and vegan options!

I’m THRILLED to return this year to the festival for another cooking demo, Sunday Sept 8th at the Harbourfont, Lakeside Terrace @1:45pm. So whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or none of the above. Come out to the Toronto Veg Food Fest and try something new! For more details click here!

For more general information about this year’s festival… click here.

See you there …and bring your appetite, trust me you won’t be disappointed!! :)