What A Whirlwind!

Photo Courtesy of CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show

Photo Courtesy of CBC's The Great Canadian Baking Show

When I applied for the Great Canadian Baking Show, I never thought I'd be chosen. But after the intense interview process, it was like a dream come true. I was absolutely thrilled to be one of the 10 bakers kicking off the first season of the show.

It was an absolute joy to be taken away from everyday life and focus on something I was truly loved doing. As the experience continued, I realized that this was much more than just a learning experience, but a journey of personal growth, where I was challenging myself more and more as the show went on. The show took a hobby I enjoyed and made it something I am truly passionate about.

I was so lucky to have my bakes challenged by 9 of the best amateur bakers in Canada. These nine bakers became lifelong friends and I couldn't imagine a better group of people to go on this adventure with.  We had a lot of great times inside and outside of the tent and it turned out to be the most fulfilling baking summer camps I could ever dream of!

I was very intimidated to have my bakes judged by two world class chefs, Rochelle Adonis and Bruno Feldeisen.  However, their knowledge and expertise made me push and challenge my abilities and made me strive to do my best.  I'm very grateful for this opportunity and found the tips and lessons learned were something I took to heart and made me the baker I am today.

It was an absolute delight to have the hosts, Dan Levy and Julia Chan, be right there by your side in the tent. They are two of the most wonderfully sweet people you could ever meet, and kept me calm and entertained throughout this ride. I have to say they were surely the best taste testers a girl could ask for!

I'm so grateful to have been part of season 1 of this show, and so thankful to CBC, Proper Television and the amazing crew for this opportunity!

Now, I'd like to continue my baking journey and bring some of what I've learned to you!

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